My name is Janie and I started blogging a few years ago with my first blog about "how I got out of $26,000 of debt before getting married?" and I love sharing my journey with others.

In June 2010, we learned that we had a male factor that was causing our infertility and would require us to do IVF.  So began this blog and the emotions that went a long with it.  

I enjoy planning, making lists and being organized.

This process required us to make a bunch of decisions and this is how much IVF is costing us.   

I personally know how difficult and wonderful this process can be and I am happy to talk to anyone and everyone about my experience with IVF.  You can email me at: janieoutofdebt@gmail.com and I try my best to respond to my email on a regular basis. 

I hope you enjoy reading about our IVF journey and that it provides a helpful place of support for you and your loved ones going through this process.   

Good luck and happy blog reading!
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