1st trimester testing

I have had a few tests in the last few weeks. I had another blood pressure monitor and had some blood work done. Since my pregnancy is high risk they are doing extra tests on me and the baby.

Happy Memorial Day!

I said a prayer this morning for all of our brave men and women- past, present, and future service members.

Lots of updates...

Since my last post, I have had:

  • 2 more HCG blood tests

  • 2 ultrasounds to see baby and heart beat

  • graduated from IVF to a regular OBGYN

  • having a lot of the 1st trimester symptoms

I am currently in my 8th week of pregnancy. My tummy is round and it is getting harder and harder to hide my tummy. I started to show pretty early on.

I have a maternal fetal specialist appointment coming up in two weeks. I am just so happy and excited about all of the changes that have occurred in my life and my body since finding out that I am pregnant.
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