More Maternity Clothes Ideas

I am going to use the following websites as ideas for my maternity wardrobe:

1. Olian Maternity


I just love the black leggings, high heels, and yellow pattern top look. I am going to mimic this style by purchasing maternity black leggings and a tunic top like this one.


I like this blouse and the shorts with the high heels. This will be great for the summer.

Hoppy Easter Onesie


This is a cute bunny onesie idea. Happy Easter!

I am pregnant...


I found out on Thursday, April 21st at 10 am that I am pregnant. The nurse from the IVF center called and left a message on my cell phone. I was at work so I had to get up and go to the bathroom because I started to cry out of pure happiness. Then I left early to surprise my husband.

We are so excited! The next day I went out and purchased the changing table that I wanted. I know it is weird but I already had the crib and I really wanted the changing table.

My next appointment is on Monday to make sure that the HCG level is still increasing.

I'm Pregnant, I'm Not Pregnant

Have you ever tossed around in your mind "he loves me, me loves me not" when you liked a guy? Well, for the past week I have been doing that about being pregnant. One minute I think I am pregnant without a doubt and the next minute I am preparing myself for the worst news of not being pregnant. This 14 day waiting period hasn't been as bad as I previously anticipated. However, I am scared about the actual blood test. That test is final. There will be no more guessing whether I am or am not pregnant. I will have to deal with whatever emotions come after that blood test. I will make sure to describe every feeling that I have here on my blog.

Embryo Transfer

On Friday at 12:31 pm, my doctor with the help of a nurse and the embryologist transferred one embryo into my uterus. It was an amazing day. They projected our embryo up on a t.v. screen before the transfer. The doctor said, it is a beautiful embryo. Then my husband said beautiful just like my wife. It WAS the sweetest moment. I will never forget it and I will always cherish that moment. The grade of our blastocyst was AB. They said this is a good quality embryo. I will go back for a blood test on April 21st to find out if I am pregnant. I can't wait. I am just so happy. I am currently on bed rest and just watching t.v. and reading and letting my husband bring me everything! :o)

Fertilization Report


For the past two days, I have been receiving updates about our embryos. On Monday I learned that we have 3 embryos. They retrieved 14 eggs, 6 were mature, and 3 turned into embryos. We have 3 little embryos. I am so happy that they are doing so well. I love them.

Egg Retrieval

Yesterday was my egg retrieval. It went well and they were able to retrieve 14 eggs! I was scared and nervous about the egg retrieval because I didn't know what to expect. But it ended up being easy and uneventful.

I am just taking it easy today and waiting for my fertilization report.

I will keep you posted!

Under the influence of hormones...

Beware I am under the influence of hormones and I am doing daily monitoring appointments now. So far my experience with IVF hasn't been that bad. I have been getting good reports on my growing follicles and giving the shots each night hasn't been that awful. However, yesterday disappointment reared its ugly head again. I thought my HCG trigger was going to be last night and I was mentally preparing myself for a Saturday, April 2nd egg retrieval. But then I got that dreaded phone call from my nurse that said one more day of shots and come back in the morning for ultrasound and blood work. I thought I was going to jump out of my skin, one more day of ultrasound and blood work! That is not what I wanted to hear. Then I realized that the only thing I wanted was to be in control and I wanted this whole process to be over. I am beginning to realize how much I love being in control. I have controlled everything in my life up until this point. It is all out of my control. How will my body responds to the drugs? How many eggs will they retrieve? Will the eggs fertilize? Will this be a successful cycle? Will I get pregnant? It is all out of my control. I don't have the answers and I just have to wait and see how this story plays out. Disappointment is a right of passage while doing IVF I am convinced. It is like running a marathon and trying to get to the end and seeing the finish line but it is still 5 miles ahead. I still have 5 more miles to go before I see how this story ends or cycle ends.
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