Our Costs for IVF


I had an appointment yesterday morning at 7:45 am to test for an LH surge and do another vaginal sonogram. After the sonogram, I paid our full amount for the global fee on my credit card.

1 Cycle of IVF is: $8,533.00 for us

Yes, I put $8,533.00 on my credit card in one charge. It really didn't feel any different than charging $1.75 for a drink. However, in my heart I felt different. I felt lighter. I felt like I really made the right decision for myself with our payment options. I am ready to get pregnant. I am confident. I am excited. I am being positive.

Around 3 pm I got a call from my nurse, I had surged already (so much for that ovulation kit because it didn't work for me at all) and that I will start my first Lupron shot on March 14th.

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