Lupron Shots

Currently, I am on day 8 of my Lupron shots. I got my period today and called the doctor's office to schedule a monitoring appointment for tomorrow morning at 7:15 am.

The rest of this post is for memory sake so that I can remember how I felt before and after my first Lupron shot...

Last night, I had a restless night's sleep because I was anticipating my first Lupron shot. I asked my husband to wake up early with me in case I couldn't give myself the shot. I continued to wake up each hour starting around 2 am. At 5:15 am, I got up and started to prep everything for my first shot. Then one, two, three I stuck myself with the needle. It was easy, quick, and painless. I was surprised how easy it ended up being. I told my husband that acupuncture is more painful. Then the sting and bump that resembled a bug bite formed in the location that I administered the shot. Since, I was so emotionally exhausted and still dealing with the time change (spring forward) I went back to bed.

The Lupron shot has been making me feel like an old, old, old lady. My joints hurt and I ache all over my body. I have had sharp pains in my side, left breast, and left leg. I am feeling bloated and my body feels like it is preparing for a pregnancy. But I am willing to endure and sacrifice it all for a baby.

I am just excited. I can't believe in 18 days from now I could have an embryo inside of me. :o)

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