Lupron Shots

Currently, I am on day 8 of my Lupron shots. I got my period today and called the doctor's office to schedule a monitoring appointment for tomorrow morning at 7:15 am.

The rest of this post is for memory sake so that I can remember how I felt before and after my first Lupron shot...

Last night, I had a restless night's sleep because I was anticipating my first Lupron shot. I asked my husband to wake up early with me in case I couldn't give myself the shot. I continued to wake up each hour starting around 2 am. At 5:15 am, I got up and started to prep everything for my first shot. Then one, two, three I stuck myself with the needle. It was easy, quick, and painless. I was surprised how easy it ended up being. I told my husband that acupuncture is more painful. Then the sting and bump that resembled a bug bite formed in the location that I administered the shot. Since, I was so emotionally exhausted and still dealing with the time change (spring forward) I went back to bed.

The Lupron shot has been making me feel like an old, old, old lady. My joints hurt and I ache all over my body. I have had sharp pains in my side, left breast, and left leg. I am feeling bloated and my body feels like it is preparing for a pregnancy. But I am willing to endure and sacrifice it all for a baby.

I am just excited. I can't believe in 18 days from now I could have an embryo inside of me. :o)

Lupron Shot

I got my first IVF medicine last week from Freedom Ferility. They sent me a two week supply of Lupron and it cost $129.

Here is a video showing how to give the Lupron shot and other medications:

How do you make a baby smile?


I think any baby would smile with these on the end of your camera. I am going to buy a couple of these. I love taking pictures and plan to take a ton of pictures of my future baby.


Cute Little Crochet TEDDY BEAR Newborn Baby Hat


I am looking for cute photography props for my future baby. I love supporting creative businesses so I have been looking on Etsy and I found this shop:

adorable hats


Our Costs for IVF


I had an appointment yesterday morning at 7:45 am to test for an LH surge and do another vaginal sonogram. After the sonogram, I paid our full amount for the global fee on my credit card.

1 Cycle of IVF is: $8,533.00 for us

Yes, I put $8,533.00 on my credit card in one charge. It really didn't feel any different than charging $1.75 for a drink. However, in my heart I felt different. I felt lighter. I felt like I really made the right decision for myself with our payment options. I am ready to get pregnant. I am confident. I am excited. I am being positive.

Around 3 pm I got a call from my nurse, I had surged already (so much for that ovulation kit because it didn't work for me at all) and that I will start my first Lupron shot on March 14th.

LH Surge and Finances

Since February 22nd, I have been doing the ovulation test and I haven't seen an LH Surge yet. Due to no LH surge I have an appointment on Friday, March 4th to do a blood test and vaginal sonogram again.

We also will be paying for our first cycle on Friday, March 4th. We are deciding between doing the global fee or the shared risk program. I have been emailing our financial counselor some final questions about the fee structure.

So far the costs that we know about are the medications:

My medication per cycle will cost- $1,455.15. This cost can range between $2,000 and $6,000 so we are relieved that our medication costs are on the low end.
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