Watching Movies

My husband and I invested in a fabulous TV about a year ago and we just love it. I love it as an escape from my stress and we both love to laugh. In a couple of weeks, I will be in a 2 week waiting period to find out if I am/we are pregnant. :o)

However, this waiting period will be difficult for me because I let my mind wonder and get the best of me. You know how impatient I can get from previous blog posts. I am going to plan fun things to do during that two week wait to keep my mind distracted. The first distraction on my list is watching funny movies on our fabulous TV.

Last night, we watched What Happens in Vegas.

#1 Distraction: Watching Funny Movies (during two week waiting period)

P.S. I got a few comments and requests to post more maternity clothes ideas and children clothes ideas. I will post more. I will even make a whole section devoted to these topics. I love clothes so this is no problem for me. :o)

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