a pea in the pod

Last night, I was out shopping for an Anniversary gift for my husband and I decided to stop in and check out a pea in the pod (this marks my first time going into a maternity store and trying something on). I tried on a few things and received some great advice and guidance on shopping for maternity clothes.

The lady helping me, Maria was so sweet and helpful. She advised:

  • Purchase maternity clothes that would fit you prior to maternity. She said the only thing that should be growing is your tummy. I am praying this is the only part that grows and not my butt too! :o)
  • The tummy/belly bands are great to use with the pants that you already own.
  • There is a fake belly at 7 months in the fitting room that you can simulate as if you were that size while you are shopping for clothes.
I tried on a few pants and some skirts for work. However, I didn't buy anything. But I do have a few things on my "wish list" for maternity clothes.

These are some of the basic wardrobe building things on my maternity clothes "wish list" so far:

1. The Tummy Tube- $26 (want in black and white)

2. ASSETS Marvelous Mama Terrific Tights- $18 (want black ones)

Just for fun I also went into the Ferragamo store and found this beautiful purse that I am adding to my "wish list/dream list". The only problem is that it is as much as a mortgage payment so I need to keep dreaming for now. But it was something fun for me to do to get my mind off things. Whatever works right!?

One day if I own a lot of beautiful purses I am either going to organize them like this:

or like this:

I love the handbags hanging on hooks above the clothes. It looks so organized and very chic, in my opinion, and easy to find all of your beautiful purses.

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