Newborn (birth to six months) clothing checklist

I found this list as a good starting point for what a newborn baby (birth to six months) will require for clothing.

  • Onesies (4 to 6)

  • Pants (2-3 pairs)

  • Pajamas and/or body bags (4 to 6)

  • Short-sleeve bodysuits with snaps at the crotch (4 to 6)

  • Sweaters (1-2)

  • Winter coat and/or Snowsuit (during winter months)

  • Mittens (2 pairs during winter months)

  • Booties or socks (4 to 6 pairs)

  • Hats (2 to 3)

  • Receiving blankets (3 to 5)

  • Crib blankets (2)

  • Stroller or car seat blanket

  • Diapers (10-12 per day for newborns)

  • Burp cloths (2-3)

  • Shoes are cute as an ornament or decoration, but aren't necessary until the baby is close to walking age.
I think shopping for my baby is going to be the best part. I can already tell I am going to love it.

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