New Doctor and Appointment


Do you remember how I decided to make that big decision and switch doctors a few days ago? Well, I did it and I am so glad that I did. I am now happy again. This new doctor is a male the other was a female and he was great. I love his bedside manner and I think I will have a great outcome with him. I can feel this in my heart.

I think if you are having a bad gut feeling about a doctor you should either switch or get a second opinion. That is a rule that I will always live by. Tomorrow, is my high risk appointment with a maternal fetal specialist/OBGYN. I am sure you remember that whole debacle from I just want to be mad for awhile post.

Oh, and the kicker about this new doctor he will get started without that high risk doctor's note because he said the cardiologist's note was sufficient. I am over being mad and now I am happy. :o)

I am getting very excited because my part of the IVF is starting in just a few days. I am just waiting on my period.

I told this new doctor that my two fears of the upcoming part of the process are:

1. Egg Retrieval
2. 12 day waiting period to find out if I am pregnant

I am going to do acupuncture and yoga to get past that 12 day period.

This just seems so surreal now. I may be pregnant come April 2011!

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