IVF Cycle Begins and Surgery

Today, marks day one of my menstrual cycle and IVF cycle. I will start doing the ovulation test again on Sunday, February 27th and will return to the office on March 2nd or 3rd for a vaginal sonogram and blood test. I am so excited that this is all beginning!

My husband is going in for surgery on Thursday, February 24th. I am just praying for him and that everything is okay. This was an unexpected date for his surgery. We thought we had more time to prepare for it but the doctors said Thursday because of surgery times and schedules. I will be preparing for that this week and taking off from work on Thursday and Friday to be with my hubby.

Last Thursday, we met with my maternal fetal specialist and our nurse Toni. I just think the world of Toni. She is so sweet and makes me feel wonderful each time I talk with her. At this appointment, they ordered more blood tests for me to do because strokes and heart disease run in my family. Especially, since a family member of mine had a stroke after giving birth when she was 27. They are being extra cautious with me because of my high blood pressure and heart condition. He was also interested in doing a 24 hour urine test, however, thankfully I already did that test. I will need my primary care physician to send those results to Toni.

This morning I went to do my blood work and they took 6 vials of blood. I couldn't believe it. Why so much blood I was thinking and asking? She said that they need to freeze some of the blood for the test. Oh my! I was craving a peanut butter sandwich after giving that much blood. I went home and made a sandwich and then went to work.

Stay tuned for my IVF updates...

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