Last night, I decided to enter the unknown territory by switching doctors. This may push my start date off but I am already feeling better inside. I made this decision for a variety of reasons, however, the main decision came after I did some research online and started to read reviews about my particular doctor. The reviews were mixed but overall the reviews were not good. The experiences that I have had with this doctor seemed to be consistent with other reviewers. Therefore, I decided to end the relationship with this doctor last night. I sent an e-mail to my nurse coordinator about the decision. We will see how she reacts next...

I have decided to add "Decisions" as a label to this blog. I never realized how many difficult decisions you need to make with IVF. Again, this is all new to me.

However, I do believe this was the best decision for me to switch doctors. I was dreading each phone call/e-mail from my nurse and this past Friday's conversation pushed me over the edge. I want to be treated with respect and dignity.

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