Mock Embryo Transfer

On Wednesday, December 29, 2010 I went into the doctor's to have the Mock Embryo Transfer done. My appointment was at 8:45 am and I was done by 9:15 am. The procedure was painless and I actually enjoyed looking at the sonogram. I became very excited and just started to wish that I had the embryos now to implant.

Which leads me to my biggest weakness...


I have a very had time not getting upset or angry when something is taking a long time. I have felt like this has been a marathon on my emotions. I know that a beautiful baby is waiting at the end of this but I feel like it is taking forever (i.e. I am becoming impatient). Plus it doesn't help that it seems like everyone around me is either pregnant, has kids, or just had a baby. I try not to compare myself or get envious but deep down inside I want to be next. It is especially painful when someone is on their second child.

So, I started to look around the on the Internet for articles about patience. I found this one:!&id=509437

My favorite ways from the 10 Ways to Learn Patience article are:

  • Determine the difference between the things you control, the things you can influence and the things over which you have no control or influence. Spend the bulk of your time and attention on the things which you control. This is where you can make the biggest difference. Spend your remaining time and attention on the things you can influence, knowing things may or may not go your way. Let go of the things over which you have no control or influence as any time or attention spent on these is ineffective and wasted.

  • Become your own best friend. You are the only person you will live with your entire life, so get to know yourself well and treat yourself as the valuable person you are.

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