So, I got very angry and upset because I have some time sensitive appointments coming up and due to the holidays I wasn't able to get an appointment at the facility that I wanted. Therefore, I will be having the HSG done at the hospital. I got really stressed out because I needed a pregnancy test done at the hospital before doing the HSG exam. The hospital needed the fertility center to send a script for an HCG blood test. I was told by a nurse that she would send the script. Well, on Thursday I called the hospital and they couldn't find the script. To make a long story short and many phone calls later I had my HCG blood test done on Sunday, December 26th at 10:30 am. My HSG appointment is scheduled for Monday, December 27th.

I was counting from day one of my period which started on December 20th. This HSG test needed to be done between 5 to 10 days from the beginning of my cycle. That is part of the reason I was stressed out because if I missed this appointment then I would need to wait another month to do the diagnostic test.

I will explain HSG in another post. I am too tried right now to explain.

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