Relaxing Vacation

I apologize for my lack of posts these past few weeks. We went on vacation to get some much needed R&R. This year has been an unforgettable year so far. I am getting a little tired of giving the shots every other day to my hubby. I think the hubby is getting tired of them too. While we were on vacation we forgot to give one shot. Ugh!

I have been keeping myself busy during this time of waiting. It has been a little difficult at times because it feels like everyone around me is pregnant. I am sure it is just my perspective because they have something that I want and that is a baby. Maybe I am a little jealous. I felt this same way when everyone around me was married. I was the last of my group of girlfriends to get married.

I continue to tell myself to think positively. Everything is going to work out beautifully in the end. It always does. Life has given me so many gifts.

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