A Prayer to Take Home

At church, two weekends ago we were given "A Prayer to Take Home" in the bulletin. The prayer started out:

I thank Thee, God that I have lived
In this great world and known its many joys;
I made this passage bold and large because I am so grateful for my life. I am grateful for all the experiences that make up my life. I am grateful for all of the good that is on the way. I am grateful to have lived my life. I love it. I love even the bad parts of my life because it has made me into the person that I am today. I am a kind soul and I truly respect this life and I believe I understand it too! I have been given the gifts of being alive and I know that a baby is in my future. I pray for a healthy baby and I pray for strength, peace, and that I am a wonderful mother to my child.

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