The one good part of the IVF process that I am going to enjoy is being able to plan for the baby. Currently, I am searching for all of the products that I want to get. I will not buy any of this stuff until I am pregnant but it can't hurt to dream and plan while I have the luxury of time and money. I know both of these will be very limited once the baby arrives.

The first item on my wish list is a Bumbo Seat.

Parents rave about the Bumbo Seat, saying that their babies really enjoy being able to sit up and look around from a fairly young age.


Allows baby to sit up and see what's going on at an early age.
Easily washable.
Portable and lightweight.

Baby may not enjoy the seat once he or she is mobile.
Older babies can arch their backs and tip out of the seat.
Some packaging shows Bumbo Seats being used on tables or counters, which is not safe.
Costs a lot for a simple baby seat.

Retail cost is around $40 but I plan to purchase a used aqua colored one from eBay.

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  1. I loved the bumbo seat. I am a nanny for twins, and from age 4 months until probably 9 months they ate their solids in the bumbos. They also loved to sit and watch me cook for them (I made all their baby food)


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